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Jun. 1st, 2007


News Post

So Journals are now being restored. Thank fucking christ. Still, I feel that this is in no way a proper apology.

bookshop is still organising sevenfandomdays, of course it is going to be refined in the wake of this news. And fandom, if you have not yet joined fandom_counts please do. We are currently up to 29,089 members. WOW.

A few well stated responses to the news posts include This wonderful comment.

And THIS! KILLS ME. *snort*

Now, to work, then to Lara's gig, then to Krave, to an hour's sleep, to open to close, to Bec's 21st. Don't expect me to move on Sunday.

May. 31st, 2007


Strikethrough 07

So, LiveJournal have pissed off the masses. Now the basic run down can be found Here on Aja's Journal. Actually, I lie. The links to the full run down can be found there.

We also Made The News. And that wasn't the only news article int he last two days.

Want to help?? Go join fandom_counts and be counted. While you are at it, go fill out the poll on how much you spend on lj.

Also: sevenfandomdays. This is our plan of attack to show LJ what we think of their actions. Of course, we will drop this cause IF they continue undeleting journals and give us an explanation.

And finally, I have created a GreatestJournal account. I am explosiveness over there. I believe I created joelie ages ago, but I must have used an old email account, and therefore can't access it. :(


ETA: fuckyeah has created user icons for the 07 Strikethrough.

Jan. 1st, 2006


Friends Only

Oct. 12th, 2005


Magical Item Extravaganza!

Title: Click (Snuffing Candles)
Author: joelie
Rating: R
Word Count: 992
Prompt: Luna Lovegood, Put-Outer
Disclaimer: Not mine, just borrowing. Clearly JKR’s.
Summary: Luna puts out one candle at a time.
Warnings: Character Death(s) + Darkfic

AN: Thank you to poshlil for the beta, which was done on no sleep. So any mistakes are mine, not hers. Also, for tarie for the Magical Item Extravaganza, for which this is for. Your prompts pwn.

Click (Snuffing Candles)Collapse )

Oct. 10th, 2005


Seasons and Senses Challenge

Title: Sounds of Life Exploding
Author: joelie
Rating: PG13 to R
Prompt: Gen 14. Draco Malfoy; Hearing; Spring; Solitary, Lake, Loneliness.
Word Count: 514
Summary: Draco listens to the life of spring whilst he hears his own death approaching.

Souns of Life ExplodingCollapse )


Title: Tumbling onto the Field
Author: joelie
Pairing: Ron/Dean
Words: 391
Rating: R for nudity
Disclaimer: Not mine, but really JKR’s.

Written for mctabby’s Blame Each Other Challenge for Not TWH

I blame shocolate for Ron/Dean at a West Ham match, and Ron is really embarrassing and thinks the Muggles are crazy. And I hope this is okay *fails at the Ron, let alone Ron/Dean*

PS: I sucked at this, so sorry for the shortness and the suckiness. *headdesk* And I hope this is somewhat like you were expecting. Cause really, I had nothing. Sorry. :(

Tumbling Onto The FieldCollapse )

Sep. 5th, 2005


Harry/Draco Drabble Challenge - Winning Entry

Title: Forever Green
Author: joelie
Song: Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb
Rating: R?
Length: 238 Words
Warnings: Character Death
Disclaimer: Not Mine, All JKR's. Of course if they were mine, they wouldn't be doing this, they would be in my bed.
Author's Notes: Written for elethoniel's H/D Drabble Challenge. Thank you to poshlil and daisakura for the betas. ♥

Forever GreenCollapse )

Jun. 23rd, 2004


For Those With A HP Mind

Okay, in Chapter 29 in the 5th book, Harry has Careers Advice with Prof. McGonagall, and when he informs her that he wishes to become an Auror, she tells him that they ask for a minimum of five NEWTS (with none under "Exceeds Expectations"). During the interview, along with some many interruptions from Dolores Umbridge, McGonagall tells Harry that he needs to study Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Charms and Potions.

So what the hell is the fifth Newt on?? Any ideas. Prehaps Herbology or Care of Magical Creatures. Or could it be like a NEWT in DADA and a NEWT in Advanced DADA? We know there is advanced classes as they are mentioned in the previous books. But do you have any clues to what Harry's fifth NEWT would be for him to become and Auror?

Feb. 7th, 2004


(no subject)


Jan. 23rd, 2004


I went to Sydney. Want to hear about it? Of course you do.

So my day started with me waking up at 6 o'clock (45 minutes before I was suppose too), and therefore me bouncing around my room all excited for my first trip to Oxford Street. So I climb into the shower at 6:30, totally forgetting that water on raw skin (courtesy of ice skating yesterday), and therefore wake my parents with my screams of pain. So, to heal my self, I have a cup of tea. With six sugars. So now that I am all awake and hyperactive, I log onto the internet so that I can double check that work had finally paid me, so I was able to actually go to Sydney. Of course, they hadn't and therefore I am freaking out about my lack of money. Fortunately, dad was able to lend me a grand total of $53.40, so I had enough money to enjoy myself with. I still hate work, and their evil pay mistress. I ironed my shirt, and prepared myself. I looked hawt.

Conning my father into driving me to the station, I bounced around at being there 28 minutes and 46 seconds early. I seriously didn’t look at the clock *hides guilty look* and I was in no way obsessed with going to Sydney. Leah turned up about ten minutes after me, and I squeed and hugged her, and we waited around for the B to arrive. Upon her arrival, we purchased our tickets to the "City" *excited gurgle* and hopped onto the train. Whilst listening to the Clay *happy face*, we talked about the Clyan and the Courtney, and Leah and B's AI Tour plans and what not, and Queer as Folk. I feel the carriage wished us dead. Crying shame really. I also didn't find the hotel which Nath stayed at last night *not impressed*, and I forgot to meet up with Rachel, so we could go to the Fetish House. Oh well, another time perhaps.

We also walked past the Courtney's house, since that was the reason for the entire trip in the first place. This lead into a discussion later in the day, how after school, the four of us would live in an apartment in Oxford Street, and it would cost nothing, as I will come second on Australian Idol Two (like Clay), and my album would ship double platinum (like Clay), and we would work on Oxford Street, and receive regular visits from Ryan and Clay (as there love is confined to ad breaks).

We changed trains at Wynyard, with me getting ever more excited as we got closer to gay central. A quick trip to the Museum and we got off the train, walking down Liverpool St and into *drum roll* Oxford Street. Unfortunately it was a tad too early for most of the hawt gay boys to be out, but there was still a few. We plan to come at a later time in the near future. Anyway, I had a Hot Chocolate at Starbucks, with three sugars, as my sugar high was starting to wear off. Took sugar satchels for later use *glee*. We then proceeded to walk up and down Oxford Street, looking in clothes shops, books shops and music stores. We found a Queer as Folk book, which we wanted. I also saw a BonBon 2004 Calender. I giggled. We then decided to wait at Gloria Jean's for Alana, who promptly arrived whilst I was consuming a Mango Fruit Chiller. She arrived in a Tea Cosy (perfect for Oxford Street of course), which I still happen to have with me, as I forgot to give it back to her, because we put it in my bag.

Via text messages from Beef (friend of the B's) we found out that none other than Andrew G and James M were hosting Channel V at fox studios that afternoon. So we abandon Oxford Street to travel to Moore Park, via two hours in Pitt Street, where I brought new head phones. Work finally paid me, and I screamed and bounced and *fangirled*/*fanboied* my key card. So it was off to the Poster shop *worships* where I bought a LotR - Return of the King poster, a Buffy Poster, and *insert drum roll here* a Orlando Bloom Poster *bounces*. Will tell parents I admire his .... acting.

Trekking to Central, I bought "Bubble Tea" on the way. Of course, i got the wrong type, so we discarded *good riddance* it after drinking about 50ml between four of us. We finally found a bus going near Fox Studios, which was very squishy *grumblegrumblemoan* and we bounced over to the V stage. Took many a photo and a movie clip or two of the very gay Andrew G. Okay, so we took over 60 pictures...

Alana left *tear* and we proceeded around the back, where Beef was, and waited for someone famous to come out, The Darkness came out, and so did Andrew G *yay*, but I think we scared him with our many photos before, because he wouldn't give us autographs *glares*. They interviewed Muse *bounces*, The Darkness, Lars from Metallica, and the Black Eyed Peas.

We were within One Metre of Andrew G!!! *bounce bounce*

The three of us returned to the Bus stop (the wrong one at first), and bused back to central. By this time my foot was killing me, this being the one with the patch of raw skin. Finally found a train heading home, and we sat listening to the Clay (again) all the way home.

Upon arrival home, I showed my parents my new posters.
Dad: "Who is Orlando Bloom??"
Mum: "The blond elf in LotR"
Dad: "Why do you have a Buffy Poster??"
Me: "... Ummm, because I like Buffy?"
Dad: "Oh, okay"
Success!!! No mention of why I had an Orlando Bloom Poster.

Also gave B the American idol One DVD. I rocked Alana leik woah, by showing it to her. I quite clearly rock leik woah.

Now I am exhausted. But I clearly rock you all leik woah, as my day was exciting. Leik woah.

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